Mayaro Virus in Wild Mammals, French Guiana

A serologic survey for Mayaro virus (Alphavirus, Togaviridae) in 28 wild nonflying forest mammal species in French Guiana showed a prevalence ranging from 0% to 52% and increasing with age.

Species active during the day and those who spent time in trees were significantly more infected, results consistent with transmission implicating diurnal mosquitoes and continuous infectious pressure.

Auteur(s) : B de Thoisy, J. Gardon, R. Alba Salas, J. Morvan, M. Kazanji
Édition : Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol. 9, n° 10
Année : 2003
Nbre de pages : 4
Type : Article scientifique
Langue(s) : Anglais
Format(s) : PDF
Source : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)