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Leishmaniasis among Gold Miners, French Guiana

Extrait: The Cayenne General Hospital and public health centers recorded 348 new cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) in French Guiana. A case of CL was considered confirmed if cutaneous lesions were present for >2 weeks; the patient had a compatible epidemiologic history; and microscopic examinati

World Malaria Report  — French Guiana Profile

Extrait: Profil annuel publié par L’organisation Mondiale de la Santé. Auteur(s) : anonyme Édition : OMS Année : 2008 Nbre de pages : 3 Type : Rapport Langue(s) : Anglais Format(s) : PDF Source : Organisation Mondiale de la Santé. (OMS) Site Document

Sediment exchange between Amazon mudbanks and shore-fringing mangroves in French Guiana

Extrait: Time-series remote sensing data, sediment cores, and water column profiles of fluid properties and suspended sediment concentration were utilized to examine the mechanisms and volumes of sediment exchange between the mangrove fringe and the coastal zone in French Guiana. Remote sensing estimates

Fatal Outbreak of Human Toxoplasmosis along the Maroni River: Epidemiological, Clinical, and Parasitological Aspects

Extrait: Well-documented outbreaks of human toxoplasmosis infection are infrequently reported. Here, we describe a community outbreak of multivisceral toxoplasmosis that occurred in Patam, a Surinamese village near the French Guianan border. From the end of December  through the middle of January

Dispersal and dive patterns in gravid leatherback turtles during the nesting season in French Guiana

Extrait: This document present the first combined analysis of diving behaviour and dispersal patterns in gravid leatherback turtles during 3 consecutive nesting seasons in French Guiana. In total 23 turtles were fitted with Argos satellite transmitters and 16 individuals (including 6 concurrently satellit

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