First Case of Yellow Fever in French Guiana since 1902

The first case of yellow fever in French Guiana since 1902 was reported in March 1998.

The yellow fever virus genome was detected in postmortem liver biopsies by seminested polymerase chain reaction.
Sequence analysis showed that this strain was most closely related to strains from Brazil and Ecuador.

Auteur(s) : J.M. Heraud, D. Hommel, A. Hulin, V. Deubel, J.D. Poveda, J.L. Sarthou, A. Talarmin
Édition : Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol. 5, n° 3
Année : 1999
Nbre de pages : 4
Type : Article scientifique
Langue(s) : Anglais
Format(s) : PDF
Source : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC)